Conduct and compile essential country market research including a preliminary marketing plan. Research is tailored to each company. This is the point to decide whether to: stay in your current situation or advance to a greater sales opportunity in Asia.

First look: Country market analysis, preliminary marketing plan, executive summary.

The First Look Program equips SME’s with the essential information needed to identify which Asian markets are the best to enter and meet company sales objectives. Company leaders will be better able to make educated business decisions and have a basic plan to know how next to proceed.

The research report answers questions such as:

who and where in Asia are the best new customers?

what are they looking for?

who is my competition?

are there legal and trade restrictions?

what are the red flags to watch out for?

Regularly scheduled meetings are held to ensure we are headed in the right direction.

Based on the previous program, the best potential prospects are identified, screened, and selected. Video meetings are then arranged and scheduled to introduce yourself, company, and product/services. This is the chance to learn more about the prospect and for them to learn more about you and your company.

First Contact: Identify, choose and introductions

The First Contact program does two things:

Identifies, assesses, and compiles a list of prequalified prospects Prospects contacted on your behalf and meetings are scheduled
Introduce yourself and your company through two live introductory video calls

To make the best first impression, cross-cultural coaching, and assistance with presentation materials such as Powerpoint, videos are provided.

Upon completion of the first contact program, introductions have been made and a short list of preferred prospects will have emerged.