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Sell your products in Asia: A market four times the size of North America

Do you find that growing your business in domestic markets seems tougher and slower than you expected? Tap into the sales opportunities of a market that's four times the size of North America's.

The fact is that Asia is the fastest growing economic region in the world and will remain so for years to come. Companies, not that different from yours, are earning additional sales income each and every day in Asia, and you can too. Succeed and do so without offending the locals, embarrassing yourself or even blowing the deal. Just be prepared. If you want to seize the rich opportunities that Asia offers. You need help.

We understand the risks and challenges facing SMEs at every step of entering the Asian marketplace: from finding the best fit prospects to introductions, to cultural coaching, and to face-to-face meetings in Asia. We're here to help. Contact us now.

A new mindset

Small to - mid sized businesses need to think bigger! The lucrative and vast Asian markets are more accessible to you than you may have ever imagined! Yet, there’s no doubt – there’s a right time and a right way to expand your company into Asia.

Your success will depend on the following factors:

A well-thought out international strategy

Sound and unbiased market knowledge

A targeted network of business contacts and opportunities in Asia

A long-term commitment

Executives who are well prepared for the cultural and business differences

Willingness to have a physical presence in Asia, if and when it makes business sense.

Seeking out government and consultant support to substantially minimize risks and shorten your time to enter this new, complex market

Companies that plan and work carefully though each of these factors will successfully enter the Asia marketplace and reap the benefits for years to come.

You're going to find out here exactly how to plan and execute your strategy to enter the Asian market.

Hi there!

My name is Doug Hartley, and my mission is to help small-to-medium sized businesses enter the Asian market faster to experience and sustain new business growth.

When I lived in Asia and worked in senior business positions, I saw many companies miss huge opportunities for growth and profits. Well, nothing has changed and the opportunities are still waiting!

What my company offers is the result of my passion. We make the process of entering the Asian markets simple and clear and achievable, although it will take some work and a definite commitment.

Our personalized and comprehensive services mean you are in the driver’s seat under our direction. This is how we keep your costs done.

We will carry out market research and identify high potential prospects or distributors. We’ll get your products or services directly in front of pre-qualified Asian prospects. Finally, we arrange for clients to meet with Asian prospects to showcase their products and close sales.

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Here's what you need to know...

Culture is tremendously important in Asia business. Familiarity with Asia Pacific cultures and customs is key to building any kind of relationship, business or otherwise. We have years of experience living and doing business in Asia that we’ll happily pass on to you. We made the mistakes - so that you won’t have to.

We are committed to your success.

We’ll guarantee that we’ll guide you towards the best-fit opportunities for your company – it’s products and services – and your long-term success.

Here’s our commitment to you:

To research and prepare you to enter Asia markets with your eyes wide open.

To coach you along the way in Asia business and cultural matters.

To empower you to be in control at all times, and not do it on your own.

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