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Asia’s Top Six Natural Skincare and Cosmetic Markets

Must know information on the top six players in Asia’s $211 billion cosmetic and skincare market.

Gain insight into each of these unique consumer markets plus get up to date on essentials like:

  • Demographics
  • What they are buying now
  • Consumer trends
  • Ecommerce spending
  • Pros and cons of doing business
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Asia’s Top Six Natural Skin Care Markets


The world’s largest natural skincare market. Smaller cities are easier to enter with incredible profit potential.


Asia’s most affluent lovers of natural skincare.Most woman own 13 shades of lip gloss. 7/11 stores are top retail outlets.


SE Asia’s largest market for natural skincare and cosmetics. Once satisfied, Thais remain loyal customers.

A small population of 22 million with massive demand for natural skincare. Higher priced brands easily affordable.

51 million obsessed with looking young. Men and women of all ages use natural brands such as toners, exfoliants, and moisturizers.

Most fragmented market Asia. An affluent population of 126 million. Rising demand for anti-aging products. Consumers want scientific proof that products work.