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Communication styles

Remember Foghorn Leghorn? The Disney cartoon rooster with the southern drawl. He would pitch a baseball to the little chicken hawk who, try as he might, was just too short to hit the ball. There was just no connection whatsoever. In Asia, the communication style is known as high context. This means that

Time Differences

How Asia cultures view time is quite different from how we view time in the West. In Asian cultures, time exists but is not determined by people's actions. Time is in the background, there is usually plenty of it, relationships and immediate needs come first. In the West, our monochronic revolves around clocks,

Feelings come first – Kibun

The term Kibun (key-boon) literally means "feelings" but it goes far beyond a Western definition of the word. Kibun is the foundation of harmony, it sets the tone, style, and quality of all interpersonal relationships. In the book, The Business of Korean Culture, Richard Saccone writes that "the goal of kibun is to

What’s easier?

What is easier? Finding a needle in a haystack or a specific Mr. Kim in the Seoul phone book? Once upon a time, there were phone books. Inside were all the names and phone numbers of the people living in an area. It was quite easy to flip through the pages to find

If you are a drinker

If you drink alcohol, funerals can be a killer One drinking custom caught me by surprise while at the funeral of one of my spouse’s relatives in Busan, Korea. Liquor flowed freely with drinking rituals going on as per usual - but with exceptions. The size of the drinking glasses appeared a bit

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