It is a comprehensive solution specifically designed to help companies to:

Identify high-quality prospects

Prepare to enter Asian markets

Enter the Asian market

Secure long-term revenuess

Seeking out government and consultant support to substantially minimize risks and shorten your time to enter this new, complex market

In our initial meeting, our goal is to get to know you and your company. I'm looking to get a very clear and detailed understanding of your company’s visions and goals with respect to selling your products and services in Asia.

Let's get to know each other!

Matching you with the best and highest quality prospects

My market research is highly-focused, matching your products and services with only the best and highest quality prospects. Once you are completely satisfied with the results and direction of the findings, we will then proceed to initiate contact with Asian prospective companies. The research report and preliminary marketing plan serve as the basis to the following steps.

Cultural differences no longer a barrier

My services take into consideration cultural differences and ways of doing business, as well as coaching you on these differences. I’ve learned that taking these factors into account is the most critical factor to your success in Asia.

If the relationship and potential for doing business with a specific company indicates, the next step may be a face-to-face presentation in Asia.

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