Sell your products in Asia: A market four times the size of North America

Asia is the fastest growing economic region in the world and will remain so for years to come. Companies, not that different from yours, are earning additional sales income each and every day in Asia, and you can too. Succeed and do so without offending the locals, embarrassing yourself or even blowing the deal. Just be prepared. To seize the rich opportunities in Asia, it’s wise to be well prepared and use a guide. This is where we come in.

We understand the risks and challenges faced by SMEs in their journey into Asian markets. From finding the best fit prospects and market niches, to cross cultural business coaching and face-to-face meetings in-Asia. We’re here to help, call us now.

A New Mindset

Small to mid-sized businesses need to think bigger! The lucrative and vast Asian markets are More accessible now than you have ever imagined! Yet, there’s no doubt – there’s a right time and a right way to expand your company into Asia.

Your success will depend on:

  • A well-thought out international strategy
  • Sound and unbiased market knowledge
  • A targeted network of business contacts and opportunities in Asia
  • Desire to secure new sources of sales revenue
  • Being well-prepared to handle cultural differences and the ways of doing business
  • Willingness to have a physical presence in Asia, if and when it makes business sense.

Companies that plan and work carefully through each of these factors will successfully enter the Asia marketplace and reap the benefits for years to come.


I’m Doug Hartley, president of Focus Asia Market Entry. We guide small-to-mid-sized companies to enter Asian markets well prepared to secure and build long-term sources of sales revenues.

Why is Focus Asia offering this service to SMEs? Simple. Because, throughout years of living -and doing business across Asia, we’d see tremendous sales, and money-making opportunities everywhere. North America has a foothold in Asia, but Canada has been missing out on riding the wave of the Asian market. It’s a lost opportunity, and they’re losing money now.

Fortunately, NE/SE Asia is projected to remain the world’s fastest growing economic region.  There will be more opportunities to come; many being ideal for North American SMEs. However, the companies that will do best are those that have received guidance and are well-prepared.

SMEs can sell into Asia. and make some great money, too.  However, doing business in Asia is different. And, because of this, most companies could use some help along the way.

We do the market research to identify the most suitable prospects, distributors, online influencers, or end consumer market segments. We then arrange for introductory meetings with key Asian decision makers. First, on-line due to Covid and then personally in Asia to showcase products and close sales. Either way the company’s products or services are placed directly in front of prospective buyers. 

You won’t be alone entering Asian markets. We help you to open the doors and guide you each step of the way. You will gain the confidence that comes from being well-prepared and enter new markets with eyes wide-open.

Here’s what you need to know…

Culture is tremendously important in Asia business. Familiarity with Asia Pacific cultures and customs is key to building any kind of relationship, business or otherwise. We have years of experience living and doing business in Asia that we’ll happily pass on to you. We made the mistakes – so that you won’t have to.

We are committed to your success.

We’ll guarantee that we’ll guide you towards the best-fit opportunities for your company – it’s products and services – and your long-term success.

Here’s our commitment to you:

  • To research and prepare you to enter Asia markets with your eyes wide open.
  • To coach you along the way in Asia business and cultural matters.
  • To empower you to be in control at all times, and not do it on your own.

All programs are custom designed for each company helping them to:

  • Identify high-quality prospects.
  • Be well-prepared.
  • Aware of cross-cultural differences, customs, etiquette, and the correct Asian ways of conducting business.
  • Introduce and meet directly with decision makers.
  • Secure and build long-term revenue.

Let’s get to know each other.

During our initial meeting, we’ll get to know you, your company, and products. Your company’s visions and goals with respect to selling your products and services in Asia.

Match and meet

My It all begins with highly focused market research. Research aimed at matching your products and services with only the best and highest quality prospects. Once selected,we initiate contact and schedule introductory online meetings. This is the crucial first step in building profitable relationships with Asian companies.
The market research report is yours to keep, of course.


It’s estimated that over 95% of all business failures in Asia can be traced back to cross cultural blunders. The majority are made unconsciously, with no ill intent whatsoever, yet the results can be disastrous. The best way to get, grow, and generate profits in Asia, is to know the differences in a culture’s, customs, and ways of doing business. All clients become well-prepared with the insight, knowledge, tips, and skills. This prevents them from making the mistakes commonly made by others.

That’s why, all our clients receive the necessary knowledge, tips, and skills throughout every stage of their journey.

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