One of the biggest predictors of business success in Asia is familiarity with the basics of Asian culture, customs and ways of doing business. For instance, understanding why “face” is so critical to building relationships and knowing that asking a direct question is rarely the best strategy.

The Asian form of communication is indirect yet it is complete. To uncover the complete information, however, you must look everywhere - in the message, in between the lines, in the facial expression and the body language, and in what is not being said. Understanding the Asian approach to processes and practices can put your company solidly on the road to success.

All clients receive cross-cultural coaching throughout your entire journey into Asian markets. Learn the differences between Asian thinking and Western thinking. Understand the importance Asians place on face, name order, showing respect, and meeting etiquette. In addition, you’ll learn the difference in negotiating style between here and Asia.

Asia business coaching gives you the skills you need to be prepared, professional and productive.

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